Lead by: Paweł Korbus

Performer – Dancer – Reacts – Improvises
Performer – Dancer – Worrior – Freak
Performer – a man who Acts
Performer – Dancer who Feels

Performer is a paradoxical part of the reality, in the interaction with the outside world, he is a trickster, he touches and sees the world, he does not inhibit his feelings, he gives himself up to his own impulses, he lasts, he dances, he reacts, he goes out to meet the coincidence, against the rules, he is a lasting point in the cycle of creation and destruction; beautiful freak, departs from the rules, precipitates with inertia.

Pawel Korbus - awarded performer, sculpturer, visual artist, stage and costume designer, visual designer, experienced leader and instructor of theatre and perfomance workshops, actor, member of CHOREA Theatre.

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