CHOREA nominowana do Plastrów Kultury 2014

CHOREA nomination for PLASTRY KULTURY Award

Dom Literatury

CHOREA was nominated for the "Plastry Kultury" award for organization of Retroperspektywy International Theatre Festival 2014, in the category of "Theatre event of the year".

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We are planning to record "Lullabies" musical album by the end of this year... Like Lulabajki on FB and join our dream!


CHOREA  w 2015 roku

CHOREA in 2015


2014 was a very intensive and busy year! 10th birthday, three fantastic premieres, a new home in Art_Inkubator, highly successful Retroperspectives Festival, award from the City for the project "Warning Human! City Voltage", Gloria Artis medal for Tomasz Rodowicz, scholarships for our talented artists. With great pride and joy we welcomed new born Sonia, Zosia and Staś to the world... We can say: We did it! Thank you all for this amazing and creative time!

We are deeply inspired for 2015. We hope to show our performances and concerts more often in our new theatre spaces on Tymienieckiego Street. In May we will invite You to a special edition of our festival  PERSPECTIVES 2015, dedicated to social-artistic activities and projects. Over the next two years we will organize the project "TAKE OVER", in terms of which we will create a young theater group. We also want to record "Lulabajki" and the concert of "Gilgamesh". There will be new theater productions...

We also keep our fingers crossed for Your plans in 2015 and we wish You many inspirations and a lot of satisfaction from what You are doing !!!


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