CHOREA nagrywa płytę z Lulabajkami

CHOREA is recording "Lullabies" album

CHOREA Theatre

Dearest Lullafans!

We are recording Lullabies! We are working in recording studio - Tonn Studio in Lodz! Once again, thank you very much for all your support in making our dreams come true! And stay tuned, coause "Lullabies" CD is getting ready...

Check the photo gallery form our recordings in Tonn Studio here:

Lulla-Greetings! :)


Warsztaty "Dance Karaoke"

Dance Karaoke Workshops

Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz

Dance Karaoke Workshops

date: 23-25.10.2015
23 October, hour: 18.00 - 21.00
24-25 October, hour: 12.00 - 15.00
place: Art_Inkubator in Art Fatory in Lodz
leader: Tomasz Ciesielski
cost: 5 pln

Karaoke Dance Workshopa are a new form of well-known game, where instead of singing someone else's songs, participants are dancing someone 's choreography, or playing someone else's dance scene. It is an attempt to challenge the division between stage and audience, playing with mirror neurons and truly embodying the reception of dance theatre in spontaneous group action.
On each day of the workshop we will create new versions of the greatest performances in the history of dance theater. Ballet, contemporary dance, physical theater, Tanztheater, etc. Anything can become material for our experiment, fun and work.

Tomasz Ciesielski - Performer, dancer, theatre researcher. Since 2009 cooperates with Chorea Theatre. (Performances: "Roosters, badgers and other Goats" and "Oratorium Dance Project"). Since 2011 cooperates with Granhoj Dans Theatre form Denmark (Performances: "Men & Mahler" and "The Rite of Spring Extended" directed by Palle Granhøj). Creator and director of "Sense - action" performance, presented in Poland and USA. Graduate of Interdepartmental Studies in the Humanities at the University of Lodz, where he realized an individual study program focused on anthropology of dance and theatre. Author of publication „Taneczny umysł. Teatr ruchu i tańca w perspektywie neurokognitywistycznej”, (first in Poland thematic monography). Participated in many international projects (in Poland, France, UK) focused on possibilities of using neurological knowledge in the study of dance.


CHOREA na Łódzich Spotkaniach Teatralnych 2015

CHOREA on Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne Festival

Radomsko, Kutno, Opoczno

38th Edition of Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne Festival - Communication in movement

03.10.2015, h.19:00, TEATR CHOREA (Łódź) Performance "Brzydal"
Place: Miejski Dom Kultury, 5 Brzeźnicka Street, Radomsko 

17.10.2015, h. 19:00, TEATR CHOREA (Łódź) Performance "Vidomi"
Place: Centrum Teatru, Muzyki i Tańca w Kutnie, 1 Teatralna Street

28.11.2015, h. 18:00, TEATR CHOREA (Łódź) Spektakl "Bachantki"
Place: Miejski Dom Kultury im. T. Sygietyńskiego, 4 Biernackiego Street, Opoczno

30 minutes before each performance there will be a discussion: "Taniec - język poruszającego ciała".
After each performance: discussion with the artists.


Projekt "VIDOMI - Kontynuacje"

'VIDOMI - Kontynuacje' Project

Laski, Warsaw, Dąbrowa Górnicza

We are working on the project "VIDOMI-KONTYNUACJE". This is the next stage in our workshop practice, connected with creating the performance "VIDOMI".

The first stage of the project was placed in the University J.J. Lipskiego in Teremiski, where the group of youth who create the performance "VIDOMI" spend 10 days (15-25 July 2015), on intensive summer workshops. They were working on developing their dancing and musical skills, and on improving their creative process in the "VIDOMI" performance.

The second stage of the project is based on organizing series of workshops, lead by "VIDOMI" group, for blind and visually-impaired young people.

"VIDOMI" workshops took place on:

19th September in Ośrodek Szkolno - Wychowawczy dla Dzieci Niewidomych im. Róży Czackiej in Laski.
14th October in Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno - Wychowawczy dla Dzieci Słabowidzących im. Dr Zofii Galewskiej in Warsaw
28th October in Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno - Wychowawczy dla Dzieci Słabo Widzących i Niewidomych im. Zofii Książek - Bregułowej in Dąbrowa Górnicza

Project leaders: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki, Magda Paszkiewicz, Joanna Filarska

Project financed by Fundacja PZU "Młodzi niepełnosprawni - pełnosprawni z PZU" and  project "Kultura w terenie" in terms of "Kultura Dostępna" Program by Narodowe Centrum Kultury.

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CHOREA na Festiwalu "Okno - Zbliżenia" w Szczecinie

CHOREA on "OKNO - Zbliżenia" Festival in Szczecin

KANA Theatre in Szczecin

The festival "OKNO" presents and promotes various currents of creative quest present in alternative theatre. It is directed to establishing a situation of meeting and exchange of experience: besides artistic presentations it includes open presentations of methods of work, film projections, workshops, presentations of artistic centers, lectures, seminars, as well as concerts and exhibitions. Each year a certain subject is chosen, especially interesting for both the organizers and invited artists, being at the same time an attempt to diagnose or formulate a question about an important phenomenon in art. It dies not mean yet that the subject determines selection of artistic proposals - quite contrary, one of the main guidelines of the OKNO festival is its openness, diversity, encounter of various experiences and various ways of thinking. The festival is associated with the complex program of informal artistic/cultural education: The University of Theatrical Quest.

Festival duration: 5 - 11 October 2015
Place: Teatr Kana, Szczecin

Festival Programe: 

5 - 7 October, h.: 17.00-22.00
Workshops "Body/Movement/Voice - multidimensional actor"
[leaders: Tomasz Rodowicz, Adam Biedrzycki, Dorota Porowska]

5 - 7 October, h.: 17.00-22.00
Bularian Songs Workshops
[leader: Elina Toneva, place: TW Malarnia]

10 October, h.: 19.00
Performance "Po ptakach / After the Birds"
[dir. J.Ennis, J.Cohen (Earthfall), T. Rodowicz (CHOREA), place: Trafostacja Sztuki]

10 October, h.: 21.00
Presentation and discussion about year-long artistic and social project "UWAGA człowiek! Napięcia miasta" / "WARNING Human! City Voltage"
[leaders: Tomasz Rodowicz, Dominka Krzyżanowska]

11 October, h.: 17.00
Concert "Rhythm of Language"
[muz. T. Krzyżanowski, place: Filharmonia im. Mieczysława Karłowicza]


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