Ło Matko Polko!

Park Źródliska, ms2, Fabryka Sztuki

'Ło Matko Polko!' project is a series of animation activities such as workshops, creative meetings, joint exhibition visiting and movies watching aimed mainly to parents and children aged 0-3 years. We would like to invite mothers and fathers with children 0+ for each event. We will run 'Baby Cafe' on teh spot, in which the participants will be able to drink herbal tea or coffee and to meet other parents.

PICNIC - singing, rhyming and rolling on the grass

Date: 15.07.2015
Hour: 12.00
Place: Park Źródliska, Domek Ogrodnika
Reservation: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com

"DADA IMPULS. EGIDIO MARZONY COLLECTION" - visiting the exhibition

Date: czwartek 30 lipca 2015
Hour: 12:00
Place: Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, 36 Więckowskiego Street
Reservation: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com



Date: piątek 31 lipca 2015
Hour: 12:00
Place: Fabryka Sztuki w Łodzi, ul. Tymienieckiego 3
Reservation: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com



Ruszył projekt "VIDOMI - KONTYNUACJE"


CHOREA Theatre, University in Teremiski

We have started working on the project "VIDOMI-KONTYNUACJE". This is the next stage in our workshop practice, connected with creating the performance "VIDOMI".

The first stage of the project was placed in the University J.J. Lipskiego in Teremiski, where the group of youth who create the performance "VIDOMI" spend 10 days (15-25 July 2015), on intensive summer workshops. They were working on developing their dancing and musical skills, and on improving their creative process in the "VIDOMI" performance.

The second stage of the project will be series of workshops, lead by "VIDOMI" group, for blind and visually-impaired young people in Laski, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz.

Project leaders: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki, Magda Paszkiewicz, Joanna Filarska

Watch photo gallery from the first stage of "VIDOMI_KONTYNUACJE" Project

Project financed by Fundacja PZU "Młodzi niepełnosprawni - pełnosprawni z PZU" and Joanna Filarska scholarship by Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.

 PZU duze podstawowe RGB poziomprawa 22.05 wer3 INTERNET

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Spektakl "Brzydal" w Art_Inkubatorze

"The Ugly" in Art_Inkubator

Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz

date: 10 lipca 2015
hour: 20:00
place: sala teatralna Art_Inkubatora w Fabryce Sztuki w Łodzi (budynek C), ul. Tymienieckiego 3
tickets: 15 pln / 20 pln
reservation: chorea.warsztaty@gmail.com

Directors: Magdalena Paszkiewicz, Janusz Adam Biedrzycki
Choreographers: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki
Music: Jakub Pałys, Milena Kranik
Visualisation: Anna Świderska, Rami Shaya
Costumes: Anna Raczkowska
Lighting designer /Sound: Maciej Kobalczyk
Cast: Adrianna Binkowska, Michalina Pietrzak, Ewa Otomańska, Aleksandra Ziomek, Aleksandra Kacprzak, Milena Kranik, Żaneta Mrozik, Piotr Fraszczyński, Tomek Kowalski, Jan Tarasiewicz, Damian Kukiałka, Marek Szczepański
Duration: 60 min
Premiere: 18-19.10.2013
, Szwalnia Theatre, Lodz

An ugly person lives inside each one of us… Doesn't it?

This play is not an academic discourse on ugliness. It does not attempt to define it either. It is a result of observations on pollution, tarnishing, and contamination of beauty and ugliness in everyday life. The play examines a distorting mirror of mass media, which deforms our brains and steals our self-esteem, offering an injection of mass plastic in exchange. The canons creating a human caricature are our modern freak show, a shock therapy ending with  the death of values and vegetation of people at their own request.


Warsztaty TAKE OVER

Take Over Workshops

CHOREA Theatre

TAKE OVER Workshops

date: 6-7.07.2015
time: 11.00-14.00, 15.00-17.00
place: CHOREA Theatre, 3 Tymienieciego Street

The project Take Over: “Seeing young audiences through young people’s eyes” gathers British Council (UK), Bios (Greece), Chorea Theatre (Poland), Zaduzbina Ilije M. Kolarca (Serbia – “Kolarac”), and Teatro Limonaia (Italy), all organisations active in performing arts, driven by a strong desire to connect or re-connect with young adults (age 18-25) in an effort to engage with a wider and more diverse audience. During the project, the partners will re-imagine artistic programmes from the point of view of younger generations, making a lasting impact on staff and how they involve, engage with and attract young audiences as well as an eye-opening and learning experience for the young participants.


Spektakl "Derby.Białoczerwoni" w sieci

Watch "Derby.Białoczerwoni" on www

CHOREA Theatre

 Watch the performance „DERBY.BIAŁOCZERWONI” by CHOREA Theatre in terms of Lodz 4 Cultures Festival:


Lodz 4 Cultures Festival is an annual event, artistic and social, referring to the founding history of Lodz: city built by hands of Germans, Jews, Russians and Poles. It became the fastest growing metropolis in Europe in the late XIX century. The source of success were people. They were always willing to assimilate successive waves of immigrants and had ability to solve problems despite all differences national and religious. It is no coincidence; the city of Lodz was called European New York.

Lodz 4 Cultures Festival is a continuation of the festival created by Witold Knychalski in 2002. The context of designated intentions of the creator was a tragic finale of the multicultural society – extermination of the Jews, Germans escape. All those events, led to the invasion of Poland in 1939, ruled by Nazi Germany. The main idea is to promote an attitude based on openness to other people and their cultures.

The festival would also be a way of revitalizing neglected historical center of the city, through art. Most of the festival events, take place in the public space: on stages located on Lodz backyards, streets and squares, in parks and palaces gardens, creating a special atmosphere of these places and reveals its forgotten beauty. Above all, the festival is a celebration of the city, presenting outstanding artistic events from different fields of artistry – music, theatre, film and fine arts. It is all directed to a large and diverse local and nationwide audience.


"Lulabajki" - wydajemy płytę !

We will record "Lullabies"!

CHOREA Theatre

We made it!!! Thank You for all Your support! We will record "Lullabies" musical album by the end of this year!

Lullabies” is the concert between dream and reality, „Lullabies” is the place full of music where childhood talks with adulthood. 

Premiered in December 2013 in the Lodz Musical Theatre, the concert consists of 13 jovial, cheerful or more sentimental songs. The whole piece is performed by children, a singer Natalia Przybysz and the Chorea Choir. „Lullabies" were written by Tomasz Krzyżanowski – a composer, musical director of the Chorea Theatre, a daddy of little Antek, and by Kuba Pałys – a piano maestro and a voice coach. They looked for inspiration in Polish Poetry in writers as Adam Asnyk, Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Jan Kondrak, but also attempted few songs as a first time songwriters (Dominika Krzyżanowska, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Joanna Chmielecka, Tomasz Nowaczyk, Włodzimierz Słobodnik, Kuba Pałys, Katarzyna Wolińska.). With great success! There are moving songs about bees, ladybirds, sleepwalkers, nightmares, dreams, friendship, love and nature. The concert is enriched by many shapes of soul sounds performed by excellent musicians: already mentioned Natalia Przybysz, Hubert Zemler, Wojtek Traczyk, Michał Iwanek and Krzysztof Szmytke. Dream-like visual identity for the concert was created by ElektroMoon Vision. All in all, there are 45 people engaged in the concert.

A lot of people said: “Make an album. Record these songs!” We couldn't ignore such comments. Lullabies are the amazing songs, created and performed with joy and passion. They bring on magical power, introduce the listeners into the world of wonder, dreams, strange stories and give a sense of a pleasant comfort.

Find us and like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lulabajki?fref=ts

We will begin recordings straight after the holiday time (September-October). The album should be ready by the end of December 2015, just before Christmas!


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