Wind in pine trees


Director: Iga Załęczna
Music: Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Sebastian Klim, Maciej Maciaszek, Łukasz Wójcicki
Choreography: Anna Bogdanowicz, Iga Załęczna
Cast: Anna Bogdanowicz, Iga Załęczna

Premiere: 10.11.2006, Nowy Theatre, Lodz


Wiatr w sosnach/Wind In Pine Trees is a drama from the repertoire of the Nō theatre. It is a story of the love of two sisters to one man. The leaving and sudden death of the lover disturb the perfect shape of the relations between the heroines. What is left for the women is the existence in the world of loss and void. With time, their existence operates on the basis of constant recollections; it is a life on the edge of the past. Their only contact with the present is possible through their bodies – a matter which, as long as it is alive, is a merciless evidence of ‘here and now’. The body, a physical act, becomes an attempt to return to the present, a possibility to feel it again. The story of Queen Laodamia from Stanisław Wyspiański’s Protesilas and Laodamia is very similar to this one. The heroine, who cannot come to terms with her husband’s death, celebrates a pagan rite on his grave in order to lure him from the beyond. Gaining freedom from the beautiful, yet tormenting, past is effected by experiencing death. Firstly, by contact with the person who passed away; secondly, through the act of self-destruction. Laodamia regains peace by denying life. She devotes the dead body to the thoughts long lost in the never-ending recollection. These are the stories of desperate attempts to come back to oneself, to the ‘I’ that is tamed and safe. The performance is a story about the need to interrupt the scream which has been heard for so long that it becomes the only human voice.


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