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Theatre without borders - Polish-Belarusian theatre cooperation

The main goal of the project "Theatre without borders" - Polish-Belarusian theatre cooperation, organised by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in terms of program: "Wspólne działania polsko-białoruskie 2014", was to develop social and cultural relations between Polish and Belarusian artists. The project was a continuation of cooperation with Korniag THEATRE from Minsk and CHOREA Theatre from Lodz, which started in 2011.




Cooperation of Polish and Belarusian theater were held in Art_Inkubator in Art Factory in Lodz during the whole year 2014, and were primarily aimed at co-production of the performance "On the other side," created by a Polish and Belarusian artists and organizers. Premiere of the performance took place on 25 August 2014 during 3rd edition of International Theatre Festival RETROPERSPEKTYWY. In addition to the premiere Korniag THEATRE form Minsk showed twice their latest performance "Latent Men", also during the Festival.

On 29 and 30th September and 1st November 2014, Tomasz Rodowicz (director of CHOREA Theatre, Poland) and Ewgenij Korniag (director of Korniag THEATRE, Belarus) leaded intensive master class workshop session
 directed to students of Polish and Belarusian art schools.

Polish and Belarusian artists performed the show "On the other side," on 4 and 5 October 2014 in Art_Inkubator.

The project co-financed by the Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in terms of program "Wspólne działania polsko-białoruskie 2014".