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Warning Human! City Voltage

“WARNING Human! City voltage” was a year-long project based on a series of workshops, meetings, presentations, performances and various educational and artistic city actions, placed in very strong social context. A human being and his way of functioning in a complex system of the City wass placed in the centre of the project.


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The project is a continuation and development of experiences gathered during the work on CHOREA’s biggest artistic and social project - Oratorium Dance Project 2011 and 2012.


The aim of “Warning Human! City voltage” project is searching and discovering human talents and creative potentials hidden in marginalized areas of our city. In terms of artistic and social activities we want to activate the excluded city spaces, cut off from the mainstream of city life, uncomfortable, dangerous, socially and artistically hidden and undiscovered. We want to reveal their real image, free from the stereotypical views, and give them an opportunity to speak for themselves.


We want to enter into the areas considered as socially most difficult, designated by homelessness, lack of family, loneliness, old age, ugliness, violence, negligence, danger, crossing the boundaries of law. Our project is an attempt to re-evaluate these social aspects.


The project is addressed to residents of Lodz, children from orphanages and care centres, shelters for homeless, residents of Abramowskiego Street.


1. “House/avatar/translocation“ - series of workshops finalised with a collective multimedia installation and exhibition, leader: Paweł Korbus (CHOREA Theatre)
February-March 2013


2. “The Ugly“ - series of dance and theatre workshops addressed to young people, finalised with a preparation of a theatre performance, leaders: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki (CHOREA Theatre), Magdalena Paszkiewicz (Dance Theatre PRO)
(March-October 2013)


3. “Abramka Fest“ - project involving the local community of Abramowskiego Street, a series of workshops and street art actions, leaders: CHOREA Theatre artists
(May-June 2013)


4. “Lulabajki/Lullabies“ - educational and artistic project with participation of the Great Choir of Young CHOREA and children from orphanages, a series of workshops finalised with a multimedia concert, leader: Tomasz Krzyżanowski
(September-December 2013)


5. “Wszędodomni“ - project adressed to the residents of shelters for homeless, a series of workshops and work demonstrations, leaders: Marcin Polak, Paweł Korbus (CHOREA), Dorota Porowska (CHOREA), Julia Jakubowska (CHOREA)
(March-October 2013)


6 “Memory of the Body/Memory of the Place/Memory of the Emptiness” - project directed to senior citizens of Lodz, above 60 years of age, workshops and performances, leader: Pola Amber
(September-December 2013)


The project includes presentations of performances: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream“ performed by prisoners from Penitentiary in Opole Lubelskie, international performance “Displaced Women“ from Berlin, a collective multimedia installation “House/avatar/translocation“, and performance “Prakrzyk“ performed in urban spaces.

“WARNING Human! City voltage” is a project of Art Factory organised in collaboration with CHOREA Theatre with financial support from The City of Lodz Office.