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The Blue Rabbit

Vocal: Pola Amber

Piano: Kuba Pałys

Percussion: Tomasz Krzyżanowski

Trumpet: Maciej Maciaszek

Clarinet/flute: Tomasz Rodowicz

Bass: Sebastian Klim

Visuals: Maria Porzyc

Light/sound: Tomasz Krukowski

Premiere: 14.05.2011, Noc Muzeów, Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz




Mesmerizing journey into the world of sound.
Lyrically. Dramatically. Phenomenally.
Homo, hetero electro disco + noisy jazz.
English poetry, Swedish poetry, German punkrock.
In a word - an experiment in impro style.
Musical stories on the border of dream and reality.
Fears, obsessions, fantasies...
Blue rabbits, vampires, exotic journeys, cybernetic monsters...
Whispers, shouts, singing, telling stories that might not have happened really...


Juicy live music...




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