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Homepage / Performances / Current repertoire / Bo­oks of Di­squ­iet. Sta­ni­sław / An­to­ni / Fer­nan­do

Bo­oks of Di­squ­iet. Sta­ni­sław / An­to­ni / Fer­nan­do

Ba­sed on “The Book of Di­squ­iet” by Fer­nan­do Pes­soa and chess ga­mes

Cre­ators: CHO­REA The­atre

Di­rec­tion: To­masz Ro­do­wicz

Sce­na­rio, dra­ma­tur­gy: Ka­ta­rzy­na Kny­chal­ska, To­masz Ro­do­wicz

Di­rec­tors as­si­stant: Ju­lia Ja­ku­bow­ska

Sce­no­gra­phy, co­stu­mes: Jola Kró­lic­ka

Mu­sic ad­ap­ta­tion: Mi­chał Su­rosz, Ne­ve­na Ro­do­wicz

Trans­la­tion of Fer­nan­do Pes­soa's text: Mi­chał Lip­szyc

Li­ght: Adam Za­ma­na

So­und: Mar­cin Do­bi­jań­ski, Ka­rol Skrzy­piec

Cast: To­masz Ro­do­wicz, An­to­ni Wój­cik-Urba­niak, Sta­ni­sław Gi­nal­ski

Pro­duc­tion co­or­di­na­tor, pe­da­go­gi­cal gu­ar­dian­ship: Wik­tor Mo­ra­czew­ski

Pro­duc­tion: CHO­REA The­atre

Part­ner: Fa­bry­ka Sztu­ki in Lodz

Pre­mie­re: Au­gust 18, 2023, In­ter­na­tio­nal The­atre Fe­sti­val Re­tro­per­spek­ty­wy

Du­ra­tion: 60 mi­nu­tes (no in­ter­mis­sions)

Vie­wers' age: 7+




The per­for­man­ce is ba­sed on the open dia­lo­gue be­twe­en men of dif­fe­rent ge­ne­ra­tions, tho­se who be­gin the­ir con­scio­us life, and tho­se who try to clo­se it.


It is a con­fron­ta­tion of cross-ge­ne­ral ap­pro­aches to thin­king abo­ut life, its me­aning and va­lu­es. It is a jo­ur­ney thro­ugh the di­ver­se sta­tes of con­scio­usness and emo­tions. Per­for­mers thrown at the bo­ard know that black or whi­te can only be fo­und on the chess­bo­ard. They make di­ver­se mo­ves, use dif­fe­rent stra­te­gies, and cre­ate dif­fe­rent si­tu­ations, try­ing to un­der­stand and get to know each other and... they le­ave.


The fol­lo­wing pe­ople have been in­vi­ted to the game: Sta­ni­sław Gi­nal­ski, Fer­nan­do Pes­soa, To­masz Ro­do­wicz, An­to­ni Wój­cik-Urba­niak.