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Homepage / Performances / Archive repertoire / Oratorio Dance Project

Oratorio Dance Project

Creators: CHOREA Theatre

Music: Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek

Artistic direction: Tomasz Rodowicz

Choreography and direction: Robert M. Hayden

Choreographers assistant: Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity

Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by: Grzegorz Wierus

Preparation of the Choir of Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra: Dawid Ber

Preparation of The Great Choir of Young CHOREA: Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek, Jakub Pałys

Choreography of The Great Choir of Young CHOREA: Lara Ward (Earthfall)

Jazz Quartet: Hubert Zemler (percussion), Mariusz Obijalski (piano), Wojtek Traczyk (double bass), Marcin Gańko (saxophone)

Sound: Krzysztof Sztekmiler

Light: Tomasz Krukowski

Costumes: Izabela Ofelia Śliwa

Visuals: Paweł Korbus

Dance instructors: Julia Jakubowska, Aneta Jankowska, Joanna Jaworska, Makja Justyna, Małgorzata Lipczyńska, Urszula Parol, Magda Paszkiewicz, Justyna Sobieraj, Aleksandra Ścibor, Katarzyna Wolińska, Janusz Adam Biedrzycki, Paweł Grala, Wojciech Łaba, Jacek Owczarek, Krzysztof Skolimowski

Vocal instructors: Joanna Chmielecka, Dominika Jarosz, Dorota Porowska, Elina Toneva, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek, Jakub Pałys

Premiere: 9.12.2011, 22.06.2012, Klub Wytwórnia, Lodz




'Oratorio Dance Project' is an international artistic and educational project, addressed to young people (aged 13-35) as well as children (aged 6-12), and mature adults (over 50 years of age), from Łódź and the Łódź region. Project participants included people from disadvantaged environments and those threatened with social exclusion.


The main aim of the project is integration of different social and age groups from multicultural Łódź and artistic activation of children and young people from disadvantaged environments. These are usually young people from poverished or pathological families, orphanages, community centres and educational care facilities who have very limited access to art education. Participation in the project may be the first opportunity in their life to do something creative in art and work with professional artists.


In autumn 2011, a common artwork – an unusual dance and music performance – was accomplished by a group of 200 participants, led by an American choreographer Robert Hayden, CHOREA Theatre artists, the British group Earthfall Dance and dancers from Pracownia Fizyczna, featuring the Orchestra and Choir of the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra.


The original music was composed specially for this project by Tomasz Krzyżanowski and Maciej Maciaszek (CHOREA musicians) for a symphony orchestra and a choir of over 100 people. It was inspired by songs of Ancient Greece reconstructed from rescued music heritage which is 2.5 thousand years old. It is performed by choir of 50 young people from the Łódź region and the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra Choir. Stage movement of the Oratorium choir was created by choreographers from the British group Erthfall Dance.


The dance part of the show was choreographed by Robert Hayden and performed by a group of 50 people who have never danced before. Robert Hayden was also assisted by choreographers and dancers of Pracownia Fizyczna run by Jacek Owczarek and actors and dancers from the CHOREA Theatre and independent Łódź artists.


The whole performance team of the 'Oratorio Dance Project' is:

- The Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra (50 people)
- The Philharmonic Orchestra Choir (50 people)
- Jazz band (5 people)
- Youth Choir – the Great Choir of Young CHOREA (50 people)
- Young Łódź dancers (50 people)


The final of the project comprises full-size professional performances with a group of 100 performers (choir and dancers) and the Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra (50 people) and the Choir (50 people) on 8 and 9 December 2011 and 22 June 2012.


Thanks to co-operation with choreographer and teacher Robert Hayden, CHOREA composers and musicians, the Earthfall group and members of CHOREA Theatre and Pracwonia Fizyczna, young participants of the project had the opportunity not only to stand up to a great challenge, work on a professional dancing and music performance, but also, above all, were able to discover their own creative potential as well as strength and joy coming from teamwork. Taking part in 'Oratorio Dance Project' is the beginning of artistic quest for these young people, in the area of singing, theatre and dance.




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